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Vita Sufficiency

Vita Sufficiency

Scientific and clinical research has proven that vitamins, minerals and cofactors are ESSENTIAL for recovery, wellness and prevention.  Without sufficient amounts of these essential nutrients it is not possible to get or stay well.  Research is clear that we are deficient in our intake of fresh raw fruits and vegetables.  We also know that modern, non-organic industrial farming techniques produce fruits and vegetables that contain significantly reduced amounts of essential vitamins, minerals and cofactors.  Although eating and juicing 10 servings of multicolored, local, organic, vine ripened fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to ensure sufficient essential nutrient intake the fact is that most do not meet this requirement on a daily basis.  Proper supplementation is an affordable, practical way to ensure sufficient intake of ESSENTIAL vitamins, minerals and cofactors.  The supplement, however, must be in their naturally occurring biochemical form as found in organic herbs, fruits and vegetables.  To ensure that the herb, fruit and vegetable sources are PURE and that the supplement itself contains only naturally occurring nutrients the supplement must also be Certified Organic, 100% Synthetic-Free, and 100% Yeast-Free.  Vita Sufficiency meets all of these exacting standards.  In fact, Vita Sufficiency has SET THE STANDARD.

Watch this video to learn why vita sufficiency represents the best value on the market regarding a multivitamin:


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