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Probiotic Sufficiency

Probiotic Sufficiency is the world's only probiotic formula based on those species found most commonly in the food of our ancestors and in the intestinal tracts of healthy human beings.  We know from research that our ancestors consumed healthier diets and had superior health and less chronic illness compared to modern, Industrial humans.  In consideration of this fact, Probiotic Sufficiency has been created from the "ground-up" to model the types and amounts of bacteria ingested by our ancestors - the types and amounts we genetically require.  The most prevalent species in Probiotic Sufficiency is Lactobacillus plantarum, which was the most common bacteria in the food of our ancestors and is still the most common bacteria in fermented foods in Africa.  Lactobacillus plantarum was also the dominant species isolated from the GI tracts of healthy subjects in a recent study in the United States.  Not surprisingly, it is also one of the species most commonly shown by research to have health-promoting effects.  Every one of the nine different species of probiotic bacteria in Probiotic Sufficiency was chosen using these scientific criteria.  The human normal flora was determined thousands of years before humans every consumed dairy, goat's milk or grains.  For this reason, Probiotic Sufficiency is derived from 100% vegetarian culture and contains no dairy, soy, goat or grain products.  It is provided in 100% vegetarian gel capsule and is entirely wheat free.  Probiotic Sufficiency contains over 30 billion viable organisms per serving, one of the highest amounts available!

Watch this video to learn why it is so important that everyone takes a probiotic in order to be healthy:

Watch this video to learn why you should choose this product:


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